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 How Roleplay started

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Mia Marie Kaiba ^_-

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PostSubject: How Roleplay started    Sat Aug 08, 2015 5:18 am

basically through RPG GAMES

[h3][size=14]An Overview of RP Evolution[/size][/h3]
[size=12]Tabletop Roleplaying, as we now know it, originated in 1973, when Gary Gygax's Fantasy Supplement for his [i]Chainmail[/i] miniatures game was merged with Dave Arneson's fantasy game. For the first time individual characters were important in a war game, and it was all placed in a fantasy milieu reminiscent of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth or Robert E. Howard's Hyborea.[/size]
[size=12]From that time to the present the ideas underlying tabletop roleplaying have slowly changed and branched out — evolving. Many of these changes fall into the category that I call [i]core game design[/i]. These were purely mechanistic changes which modified the ways that designers built modeling systems and game mechanics. This trunk of RPG evolution is the first thing I'll be covering this week.[/size]
[size=12]In these earliest roleplaying games, starting with the Gygax+Arneson [i]Chainmail[/i] (1973), the goal of the game designs was primarily [i]character modeling[/i]. The purpose was to create statistics, abilities, and rules which could be used to depict a character such as Conan or Frodo within a game. This core methodology forms the first branch in the evolution of the roleplaying tree. It was a short-lived branch, and one I'll also be covering this week.[/size]
[size=12]Very shortly thereafter a second branch appeared in the roleplaying evolutionary tree, which I call [i]character development[/i]. The earliest example of this new trend was the original [i]Dungeons & Dragons[/i](1974). Instead of having static characters, players were offered ways for their characters to evolve and change. This new style of play was such a clear improvement over the old one that it quickly overwhelmed the original. Despite the more recent appearance of new types of roleplaying games, character development games continue strong to this day, and are definitely the most important branch in the roleplaying evolutionary tree. I'll cover them in more depth in the next article in this series, in two weeks.[/size]
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How Roleplay started
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