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 Types Of Roleplaying - NEW

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Mia Marie Kaiba ^_-

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PostSubject: Types Of Roleplaying - NEW    Sat Aug 08, 2015 5:14 am

[justify][size=12][b]Group roleplay[/b][/size][/justify]
[justify][size=12]In a group roleplay your character will interact with many other characters and it’s usually big-scaled. You can find many group roleplays from checking the general tags (rp, rpg, roleplay) as they’re dominated by group roleplays. If you have something specific in mind, however, you can always check more specific tags, e.g. supernatural rp, Harry Potter rp, town rp, etc.[/size][/justify]
[justify][size=12]Once you find the roleplay which plot suits your interests and makes you want to join the roleplay, you will have to go through the audition process. If the roleplay has premade characters, you can pick one of their characters that you’d like to play and audition for them. There are also original characters roleplays which allow you to make your own characters. In choosing a character, there will be face claims involved. Face claim is the face that your character resembles–the actor that represents them.[/size][/justify]
[justify][size=12]After being accepted in a roleplay, you would create your character’s account and bring your character to interact with other characters. There are various ways to do this and roleplays would usually specify this in their guidelines. These are the types of interactions that I usually encounter:[/size][/justify]


[justify][size=12]Para is like writing a story from your character’s point of view. It’s usually done in third person and past tense. You can write self-para or write para with another roleplayer’s character. When the latter’s the case, it’s basically like building a story with a partner, but each of you has their own character to handle.[/size][/justify]
[justify][size=12]Para is usually done by posting a text post, and if it’s a para written with a partner, then your partner will reblog what you’ve written to add the story on their character’s behalf and vice versa.[/size][/justify]
[justify][size=12]Multi-para is when the roleplay demands lengthier para in their roleplay (more than one paragraph for each) and one-liner is when you write a really short paragraph (usually consists of one or two sentences).[/size][/justify]

[justify][size=12][b]1x1 Roleplay[/b][/size][/justify]
[justify][size=12]1x1 is the type of roleplay that involves only two people at a time. It would be easier to keep up with the storyline since there are only two of you in the story, and you will control (or “godmod”) other characters that aren’t the ones controlled by you or your partner.[/size][/justify]
[justify][size=12]The first thing that you would do for 1x1 roleplaying is writing a plot consisting of two characters or seeking a plot that you like by searching the “1x1 rp” tag. If you find a plot by someone else that you like, you would have to go through the audition process similar to the one in the group roleplay.  After finding a partner, you can build the story by having the kind of interactions similar to what’s listed above. The only difference is that you have only one definite character to interact with as opposed to many characters.[/size][/justify]
[justify][size=12]The same goes to 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and so on. 2x2 is when you have four characters in the story, 3x3 is when you have six–the only difference is the number of the characters involved.[/size][/justify]


[justify][size=12]In-character messages are usually used to “text” the character whom you send a message. Some roleplays also let your character to have a conversation with another character using this method. There are also many other ways to use messages. For instance, there is magic anon that would ask your character to do something and you would have to answer them as your character.[/size][/justify]
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Types Of Roleplaying - NEW
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