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 Before U Roleplay The Rules Are-NEW

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Mia Marie Kaiba ^_-

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PostSubject: Before U Roleplay The Rules Are-NEW   Sat Aug 08, 2015 5:10 am

[*]Genre: This will definitely shape the type of story and characters that are applicable. Writers can RP anything under the sun, but some genres (fantasy, action, video/table-top games) are more popular than others.

[*]Rules and Commitment: Some communities require weekly posts, multiple paragraphs of content per-post, and impeccable grammar. Other communities may be more lax about grammar and the organization of their storyline, forums, or overall RP experience. 


 [b][size=16]Create your character.[/size][/b][size=16] This character will serve as your avatar into the RP world. Most RP forums have a place where all character profiles, or sheets, are gathered. Contact the RP Leaders to have your character uploaded with all the rest.[/size]
[*]Follow the "skirt rule." Your character sheet should be "long enough to cover the essentials, short enough to be interesting." Don't spend too much time on every single detail, but also don't leave your character as a skeleton. Focus on...
[*]Goals, motives, and desires. This will give your character a purpose in the RP or story. Think about [i]the why.[/i] Why does your character do the things they do? Think about [i]the how.[/i] How do they go about achieving their goals? Think about intensity. Just how important are their goals or desires? High-stakes goals (their mother has been kidnapped!) or trivial desires (they really, really want a hamburger) can be just as important depending on your character's point of view.
[*]Occupation. This will root your character in the fictional world. How they get by day-by-day will imply their skills, history, and financial situation.
[*]Physical appearance: hair, eye, skin color, and whatever else is most important to you. This will help other writers to visualize your character.
[*]Personality. What is your character like, and how do they act around other characters? You can layer your character's personality by having dominant traits (maybe they've got a particular love for practicality), then a secondary trait (they've got a perfectionist streak), and then a minor trait (they can be snooty). Your character can even have a contradictory trait (they're caring).
[*]Tastes and preferences. A quirky taste or hobby (maybe they take annual vacations to the polar caps) can make your character stand out, but even normal tastes (they love chocolate) is helpful for fleshing out your character. Remember that tastes can also vary in intensity. An intense craving for chocolate, an addiction that drives your character crazy, can be just as quirky as that annual trip to the North Pole.
[*]Applicable skills and abilities. This is especially important for certain genres, such as action or fantasy RPs.
[*]History. This will give your character a background. Where were they born and raised? Who were their parents? What was their first kiss like? Include many details, but make sure they are applicable to your character's role in the story.

[*]Add a fun quirk or two! Characters that have unusual approaches to solving problems, odd habits, or strange mannerisms can make your character compelling and interesting to others.

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Before U Roleplay The Rules Are-NEW
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